INA tensioner pulleys are used in both the Timing Drive and Front End Auxiliary Drive (FEAD).

Consistent and reliable belt tension is essential in both systems to provide continuous power transmission whilst preventing belt skipping, vibration and possible serious engine damage.

INA is the preferred technical partner and OE supplier of belt drive systems to the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers. Insist on genuine INA mechanical and hydraulic belt tensioners to ensure optimum belt tension at all times and in all conditions.

As a technical partner and supplier of complete drive systems to the world’s leading vehicle producers, INA offers the widest range of OE content Timing Belt KITs available to the UK aftermarket.

INA KITs also contain everything needed for a professional belt system service, right down to the last nut, bolt and washer. If the application features a timing belt driven water pump, INA also offers a comprehensive range of Timing Belt KIT+ Water Pump references to suit.

Fits – VW LT


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