Brake pads are one of the most crucial components of your vehicle and are considered a normal wear and tear item.

Brake pads are located within calipers which are pushed against the brake discs when you press the brake pedal to slow down your vehicle, this in turn creates the friction that helps stop your car and wears down the material of the brake pads. How long each set of brake pads last will depend on driving style, the roads your drive, the weight of your car and how many miles you cover etc.

To ensure your vehicle is always able to consistently execute the swiftest, safest stops possible, manufacturers strongly recommend changing the brake pads once they reach their service limit. This will differ between vehicles and manufacturers.

Signs your brake pads need changed –
• Visual checks – you may be able to see the outer brake pad by looking between the spokes of your wheel.
• Noise – Screeching or grinding
• Pulling to one side
• Vibrations through the foot pedal

We recommend using a ceramic grease when changing your brake pads. Search for “Mintex Ceramic Brake Grease – 75ml”.


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